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I ♥ sushi, dinosaurs, fat/body/self acceptance, tattoos, mixed drinks, monsters, robots, kissing, British TV, and cephalopods. Born and raised in Los Angeles, adjusting to life in the dirrrrty south. This is what I currently look like.

I have a real blog where I never shut up and a twitter feed that's mostly food, sex, booze, and TV.

Most of my posts/reblogs involve: fat, feminism,cute animals, and TV. Sometimes there are naked people and/or sex toys! You have been warned!

I aim for anti-misogyny, anti-racism, anti-transphobia, anti-homophobia... (general anti-assholism) but sometimes fail. If you have the energy, I appreciate being called on my mistakes and bullshit!

Feel free to ask anything you'd like!

Some Republicans have objected to calling their policies a “war” on women. They say that they don’t see women as their enemy. This may shock you, but I don’t think they do, either. They don’t see us as their enemy because they don’t see us as human. The most important word in the phrase “war on women” isn’t war. It isn’t even women. It’s “on.” As in, these unbelievably rich, privileged, almost uniformly white men are literally fighting their wars for power on us. We aren’t players in these wars. We are the field of play. Our bodies, our desires, our possibilities, our lives are being treated as a battlefield for them to tromp around on as they fight each other for power.
Jaclyn Friedman, Hope and Rage

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